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Dr. Lindsay Samuelson ND

Naturopathic Medicine blends cutting edge medical research with ancient therapeutic practices providing a scope and depth of knowledge not found in our current medical model. Trained as primary care physicians, Naturopathic Doctors (ND’s) attend a 4-year Accredited Naturopathic medical school and study the same subjects as their MD counterparts. In addition, ND’s study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine, Nutrition, Hydrotherapy, Manipulation techniques and Mind/Body Medicine.

This unique and intensive education produces doctors that view each patient through a multitude of lenses. This ability allows ND’s to identify and approach illness and dis-ease in a multi-faceted way, affording the opportunity to support each patient uniquely, offering a combination of therapies including herbalism, Ayurveda, TCM, and dietary supplementation.

In my practice, I see patients of all ages, male and female. Although this form of medicine focuses on treating the individual and not the particular diagnosis, some examples of the things I see in my practice are: 

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Dr. Samuelson is a firm believer in treating the root causes of dis-ease.  By identifying and treating the roots of illness one can more effectively cultivate sustainable mental and physical well-being.  This is one of the basic premises of Naturopathic Medicine.

Besides nearly 10 years of post graduate study, Dr. Samuelson has traveled widely, gaining first-hand experience of a myriad of medical arts, including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.  She has had the privilege of working alongside medical teams in Nicaragua, England, the United States and Canada to profoundly witness the healing power of nature.

The word Homeopathy, which comes from the Greek, through Latin into English, literally means “like disease”.  The medicine is not prescribed for a particular medical diagnosis or specific disease category but for the unique way it is experienced and expressed by the individual.  By treating the individual and not the disease, homeopathy has the ability to gently stimulate the body's own innate wisdom to help guide the body back to health.   
Homeopathy has been practiced for generations all over the world.  It can safely be used alongside conventional treatment under supervision and is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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